Heidi Harrington

With over 15 years experience in working with clay, Heidi specializes in Ceramics and Print. She takes an innovative approach to clay and image, developed during her studies both at Bath School of Art and the Royal College of Art. Using her own photography as a starting point, Heidi then prints clay images and forms them into decorative interior pieces including wall plates and bowls. The images are allowed to gently stretch and move during the making process leaving each piece in the edition unique. She is inspired by both the movement and stillness in nature and hopes to capture these fleeting moments in the surface and forms of her porcelain. The film below Clay and Ink gives an insight into her thinking and studio practise.

“Delicate, ethereal, forest fantasy bowls and plates that have strong lines, distinctive personalities and literally, a sense of place.”
— Handful of Salt blog, Regina Connell